Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

This is the second novel from the writer made famous by Gone Girl. It is another dark whodunnit thriller with lots of horrible murders. Having read her other two, I thought that I knew who the murderer was straight away (hint: I had assumed the worst), but I was wrong. It was cleverer and more complicated than that, but I did guess who did it eventually. Flynn gives you just enough clues to work it out before she tells you, and I quite like that.

This is set in the USA Midwest, again. Our protagonist is a woman with mental health issues, again, and the murders are horrifying and involve children, again. So, it is safe to say that Flynn likes to keep to a theme. She also likes her female characters to have a shocking evil streak, which I also quite like. The story is a grim and sad one, there is closure at the end, but there was never going to be a happy ending.

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