The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

I read this for a book club but so many people had recommended this to me that I probably would have read it anyway. I was told by several people that if I liked Gone Girl then I would like this. I did not love Gone Girl, I would say that I preferred this one. But, really, they are not too similar. They are both about women with mental health problems, and men who maybe should have tried a little harder to be kinder or just faithful to their wives, but that is about all the similarities that I could see.

We have three narrators, but our main one is Rachel, the girl, or to be more exact, woman on the train. She is in her early thirties, girlhood is well behind her. She is an alcoholic, and I found her quite painful to read about. Her addiction has ruined so many aspects of her life, and she does not really know for sure what she is doing and her memory often fails her. She is a very pitiful character. She looks out of the window of the train that she takes every day and one she sees something that makes her have to get involved with one of the other narrators of the story.

It is a whodunnit. I worked out who the killer was on page 110. I bookmarked it so that I could be smug about it at book club. There are just enough clues in there to work out what is going on but it is still a good read. I am not a huge thriller fan but it was well-written for a debut novel and the pace kept me going quickly through it.

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