Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I read this for a book group, otherwise I would not have picked it up. I was not particularly keen to read it, mainly because blockbuster novels are usually quite rubbish, what with the general public having such poor taste in everything, and I am not a huge fan of thrillers, so my hopes were not high. It was OK, though. It was a quick read, and there were bits I skimmed over, so it certainly could have stood being shorter than it’s 450 pages.

This is a story of a pair of quite awful people who are married to each other. Then the wife goes missing. You spend the first half of the book thinking that the husband is more awful than the wife. My main problem with the novel is that I already knew the big reveal halfway through. I am going to have to say what it is so look away now if you are one of the twelve people left in the world who have yet to read it: the wife fakes her own disappearance. So, it turns out that the wife is actually more awful than the husband. In fact, she is a psychotic, socio-pathic nut case, and he is just a cheating, selfish lazybones.

I was a bit bored in the first half, because I knew what game Flynn was playing with me, the reader, but the second half was more exciting and I did want to know how it turned out. The two main characters take turns in narrating each chapter, and Flynn is very skilled at ending them on a cliff hanger that makes you want to keep going. I do not really like or need this as a technique, I will keep reading a book until the end for the majority of the time. I will not be seeking out any more of Flynn’s novels but I would possibly happily read one if I ever fancy something easy and exciting. I will also be watching the movie, since the book was partially ruined for me by picturing Ben Affleck in the lead. So, this, along with my knowing the huge spoiler is the moral of this story; always read the novel before the movie is released.

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