Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

I read this book because I had enjoyed Moriarty’s last one, The Husband’s Secret. This one is quite similar, in that it is quick and easy to read, but still thought-provoking, set in a small town, and many of the characters are the same kind of well-developed, believable, just like real-life women. They are both about how you may think you know someone, but you probably don’t, not really.

Moriarty keeps you guessing in this one, too. Just as I wondered what the husband’s secret might be, in this book, we know straight away at the beginning that something big happens at an event in the future, and most of the book counts down to that night. We have smaller revelations as the story goes on, but we do not know what the big event is until that night.

It is tough to write a review without spoilers (and this is kind of a spoiler), but this story deals very well with two types of complicated and controversial violence; date rape and domestic violence. Fortunately for me I have no personal experience of these, but I think Moriarty brilliant captures the thoughts and feelings of the victims.

There is commentary from the supporting characters throughout the book which is very well observed and funny. This is about the way women can support each other and look out for each other. It is also about the way parents will judge others and the cliched, catty things they say. Moriarty made me chuckle and she made me think, too.

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