Yes Please by Amy Poehler

I listened to the audiobook for this one, and yay! Poehler reads it herself. I really disapprove of people who do not read their own audiobooks. She is a comedy actress who many might know from Saturday Night Live (I do not, since I do not watch it) and the excellent sitcom Parks and Recreation. This is no autobiography, it skips about all over the place chronologically and Poehler really only tells us the parts of her life that she thinks we will find interesting. She did a great job with the audiobook, putting some special audio jokes in and bringing in some of her family and showbiz pals to make it more interesting.

Poehler tells lots of good stories about her career; how she figured out what she wanted to do, what she thinks she does, who she does it with and what she thinks of them, and why she loves what she does. I bloody love her. I love the show she stars in, Parks and Recreation. It started out a little clunky in my opinion, the first series is not great, and she discusses why that might be. I think it has ended up being the sitcom with some of the best written characters ever. Each one is a perfect piece of comedy brilliance all their own.

This is quite a personal memoir. Poehler used to be married to the very easy on the eye Will Arnett and they have two sons together. Do not buy this book if you just want funny stories about making comedy, although there are plenty of those. She also tells us lots of things about what kind of mother and wife she is, and what kind of woman she is. I found some of her views on motherhood thought-provoking and laughed out loud at her birth plan.

My favourite chapter was the one about getting older. If you just read one chapter of this book, read that one. Especially if you are also a woman in your thirties who feels as if you are just about grown up now. I also enjoyed her observations on being a successful woman in show business. She has not figured out all the answers yet, but she seems to me to be a wise and interesting woman who gives some solid and useful advice. And she is funny, of course.

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