Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

This is a rom-com set at the turn of the millennium, so I suppose you could say that it is historical fiction. It was written in 2011 and the writer has put in lots of nice late-nineties cultural references so that we can enjoy the nostalgia. I read it for a book club.

This is love story about two rather dysfunctional people and the strange way they get to know each other. Beth met her boyfriend in college, where she stalked him for a while before dating him and now she is dissatisfied with her relationship with that boyfriend and stalking a man from her workplace who she has never even spoken to. Lincoln is pining for his high-school girlfriend, who dumped him ten years ago and he has not had a proper relationship since then. His job is to read the emails of the employees of the company he works for (remember when email was new?!) and he finds himself mentioned in Beth’s emails to her friend. Beth discusses her crush on him at great length while also being charming and witty in the emails she exchanges with her friend. Lincoln, being much less shallow than Beth is, falls for Beth without having even seen her.

Rowel writes young adult and adult fiction and this is supposedly adult fiction, since the characters are all around the age of twenty-eight. I had to keep reminding myself of this, though, since they are mostly acting quite a bit like eighteen-year-olds, or thereabouts. Much of the novel is presented in the form of emails between the two friends, which I like, it gives it a nice, fast pace. It is not my sort of thing, though, so I didn’t get much else out of it, except for humming many of the 90s songs they refer to in the book for most of the day after reading.

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