Think Like a Freak by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner

think like a freak

Oh, I just love the Freakonomics books and podcasts, so I was bound to enjoy this book. It is not very long at 211 pages, but they get lots of information in there. Not all of it is new information, they have re-hashed some older stories from previous books. Also, if you listen to the podcasts their way of thinking will have already worked its way in to your brain.

They discuss vast range of topics; from how to eat many hot dogs in record time, why Dave Lee Roth requests no brown M&Ms in his rider, the effect religion has on the German economy, how to determine someone’s true incentives, why we should try to think like a child more often, and quit things more often, and say I don’t know more often. All very helpful advice.

The podcasts broadcast at the time of this book’s release take some of the chapters and go in to more detail, so it may enrich the experience of reading the book to also listen to those podcasts. These books are funny and entertaining and thought-provoking. Everyone should read this book and then use the ideas they suggest to think differently. Except they won’t. Because it is not that simple. But they should.

We read this for the Las Vegas Non-Fiction book club that I organise.  Discussion questions here.

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