Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

animal vegetable miracle kingsolver

The wonderful novelist, Barbara Kingsolver and her family lived almost exclusively on locally grown food for a year. Most of that food was grown *very* locally, ie their own garden. This is the book they wrote about it.

They moved from the desert to where they were fortunate enough to happen to have some land in Virginia. They were also fortunate enough to have the sort of lives and jobs that allowed them to spend an awful lot of time in the garden. The book begins in April, and they go through each month and what they grew, harvested and ate throughout the year.

I am interested in where my food comes from. I cook the majority of our meals from scratch but I do not have a garden of my own. It has always been something I would like to have, though. I have read several of Michael Pollan’s books about proper food versus agribusiness and I like him very much, but this one was different. Kingsolver is a great novelist but I enjoyed this book even more than her novels. This was beautifully written. She is informative and interesting, but gave enough personal detail and wit to really make the story stand out. Her husband and daughter provide pieces here and there to add focus and facts to some of the more important parts of the book.

I read this book very slowly, because I enjoyed every lovely sentence. There were some things I knew, but I think food is so important that I like to read things to remind myself of how it is grown and processed. There were some comments about meat and dairy that I did not know and I intend to change my diet as a result. It was fascinating and useful and a joy to read.

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