Water 4.0 by David Sedlak Discussion Questions

We will be discussing Water 4.0 at the Las Vegas Non-Fiction Book Group in a couple of weeks.  These are the questions I will use to keep the conversation flowing.


Had you given much thought to water supply previous to reading this book? What did you know about it?


Has Sedlak made a good job of explaining the complexities of urban plumbing in the developed world?


Do you think we have advanced much in three thousand years or do we still have a long way to go?


With hindsight, where do you think city planners have made mistakes in the past with water systems?


Do you have any special knowledge of any of the methods Sedlak discusses as being part of Water 4.0 (or Water 3.1)?


Would you personally consider re-using your home’s wastewater, getting rid of your lawn or installing a vacuum toilet?


Will you feel differently next time you swim in a lake or the ocean after reading this book?


What do you know about what is happening here in Las Vegas to improve our water system? How do you think things will change in Las Vegas in the near future?


What problems do you envisage in this area in the near future?


How do you think people will react to water bill price hikes to spend on improving the system for future generations?


Do you agree with Sedlak’s suggestions for the future? Do you see any drawbacks to any of his suggestions?






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