Stories I Only Tell My Friends: An Autobiography by Rob Lowe


I do not usually listen to audiobooks but this one was recommended to me, and I am sure that listening to Rob Lowe read this himself makes the stories so much better than reading them.

I am a little too young to have fully appreciated Lowe in his heyday as heart throb. I certainly saw his movies in the 80s, and I was aware of the “Brat Pack” of actors that he was supposedly part of, but I was not a massive fan. I do not like Aaron Sorkin and his ridiculously unrealistic dialogue, so I have not seen him in his recent success in The West Wing. I was at exactly the right age for Wayne’s World, though, and saw him in that, but the show that really made me see what a talented guy he is was Parks and Recreation. I always knew he was pretty, but so what? Once I saw that he was funny that’s when I got interested in him.

He was everyone’s favourite thing for about fifteen minutes in the 80s, when he was in his late teens. By the time he was in his mid twenties he felt a little washed up and had a drinking problem. He tells interesting and well-observed stories about the film industry in general, whilst telling us his own personal story in a wry and witty way.

The best thing by far about this audiobook was the impressions. Yes, Rob Lowe the pretty-boy does impressions. I think this is wonderful. As one of the characters in Parks and Recreation says; when you are beautiful there is no need to be funny because you don’t have to compensate for anything. So, when if turns out that someone who made his name on his looks so early in life is actually funny then that seems all the better to me. He also seems like a really nice chap.

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