Nerd Do Well by Simon Pegg

nerd do well

I have been a fan of Simon Pegg since I saw him in Spaced in 1999. It is one of the many great comedy series to be made in Britain. Our comedy is one of the major things I miss, living in the US. He has since written and starred in some of the funniest films of recent years also. And he has been in some right old rubbish. But we all have bills to pay.

The book is a memoir with a focus on his childhood and youth, then rushes through the beginning of his career with very little detail. His arguments for this are that he does not want to dish any dirt on any celebrities, and that he considers one’s childhood to be what shapes the adult anyway. I think I would have enjoyed a little more dirt-dishing, but mainly I would have enjoyed stories about the people he has worked with, since I am also a fan of many of them, too.

The biography is broken up with chapters from a comedy-sci-fi tale of Pegg’s herioc superhero alter-ego and his robot. I’m not sure why.

I very much enjoyed Pegg’s stories of how he came to love all the things he loves; the films and TV and actors he admired, and how he came to learn that he was good at and enjoyed performing. I like his image of his older self time-travelling back to his younger self to tell him what he grew up to be. For example, when he works with his favourite directors, or meets the actors he loved.

Pegg comes across as a nice chap, and certainly someone who could come to my house for dinner, especially if he came with a few stories about the film and TV he has been involved in.

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