Why is the Penis Shaped Like That? by Jesse Bering

why is the penis shaped like that


If you do not feel that you are not particularly interested in the shape of penises, don’t let the title of this book put you off. The subtitle is “… and other reflections on being human” which is a more helpful description of the collection of essays within.

Bering is a professor of evolutionary psychology, or something equally as fascinating and beyond the reaches of my full understanding. The book begins with a chapter where he does tackle the male genitalia in some detail (pun intended) but many people either have their own penis or live with someone who has one, so may find all this of at least some interest. Many of the essays are about sexuality or our privates, but from the perspective of someone who knows a lot about human nature and our evolution. Much of these facts could be used to populate polite conversation at the family dinner table. He also has a section on homosexuality, religious belief (which he went on to write a whole book about) and suicide.

The book is peppered with references to his own life. Bering basically gets to read about stuff he is interested in, writes a paper about it, and gets paid to publish it in a journal, then gets paid again to publish it all together in this book. What a lucky guy. There are over thirty essays in this book, all on various subjects relating to being human, so it is a great read for any humans you may know with a very short attention span.

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