Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier

emerald green

This is the final book in the Ruby Red Trilogy.  It is a bit longer than the first two, but I still read it in record time.  The whole trilogy’s story takes place over about two weeks.  In the first book our hero, Gwen, discovers that she can travel in time.  In the second book, we find out that her parents are not who she thinks they are (but she does not yet know this).  In this book she has another, far greater (and more far-fetched) shock that I will not reveal, but she takes it all in her stride with little more than a shrug.  But maybe that is quite reasonable when I consider the week she has been having.

It is more of the same as the last two; lots of wearing beautiful dresses to travel back in time by two or three hundred years to go on a dangerous mission to a fabulous event in olden days London.  In this one, she gets to spend time with her grandfather as a young man, which I am sure anyone would love to be able to do.  This is possibly the very first thing many of us would do if we could time travel – meet our relatives in times gone by.

There is rather more romance in this one that the other two.  And, as with the ending of the Hunger Games, I am rather upset at the ending of this one.  This is likely because I am not the young adult that the book is aimed at.  I am an old adult (one who thinks a more appropriate age of consent for marriage would be thirty).

In this book we learn more about the secrets and magic involved with the Circle of twelve time travellers and what the goals of the suspicious Count are.  He has an evil plan, and it is Gwen and Gideon’s job to thwart that plan.  It has a nice ending that ties up all the loose ends and give us all closure.

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