Book Group Discussion Questions for American Wasteland by Jonathan Bloom

Last week the Las Vegas Non-Fiction Book Group met to discuss American Wasteland by Jonathan Bloom.  Here are the questions I used to keep the discussion going:

Were you surprised at how much food is wasted at all stages in the production process?

How did we get to this situations where we waste so much food?

Who is to blame for all this food waste?

Why should we care abut food waste?

Bloom estimates that we waste nearly 50% of our food.  Do you think that is a fair estimate?

How much of your household food do you throw away?  What methods do you use to reduce food waste in your home?

Should some of the laws around food hygiene and donations be changed?

What can we do about this food waste?  Blooms suggests: establish a national food-recovery coordinator, create a national public-service campaign to raise awareness about food waste, and ban food from landfills.  What do you think of these ideas?

Do you think, as Bloom does, that this situation will resolve itself?

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