Baby Meets World by Nicholas Day

baby meets world

This is the first book I have read that is all about babies. I have read books about pregnancy and books about birth but nothing yet about babies. I have been taking things one step at a time. My baby will arrive in the world in around two months so I had better start getting a clue about what life will be like when he does.

The subtitle of this book is “Suck, Smile, Touch, Toddle” and he tackles each subheading in its own section. This book is not a childcare guide, do not expect a handbook on how to raise your child. It is, however, a highly entertaining, well-written and wonderfully researched introduction to these creatures, and just perfect for me. Until very recently I have had no interest in babies whatsoever so this has been a very good starting point.

It appears that Day is a freelance writer and blogger and stay at home dad. I must also assume that on arrival of his son he became a voracious reader and wanted to share all the knowledge he had gained. He tells us many things about the past and present methods of child-rearing all around the world. Many cultures have used various methods over the generations and, on the whole, most of the people turned out OK. Day tells us about these various methods and then explains the current scientific thinking around many of them. He then leaves you to make your own judgement.

Day tackles all the important stuff, such as breast feeding, thumb-sucking, dummies (or pacifiers to the Americans), engagement, communication, touch, walking and the various stages that lead up to it. Reading this book has made the whole idea of parenthood a tiny bit less terrifying, and for that I would certainly recommend it to anyone considering having a baby living with them for any length of time in the near future.

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