Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight

reconstructing amelia

This is the tragic story of a fifteen year old girl who either jumped or fell off her school roof and died.  The story starts with her death, which is ruled as a suicide, but her mother does not believe it so she seeks to get to the bottom of what really happened.

Amelia, the dead girl, and her mother live in a very nice part of Brooklyn, due to her mother being a highly paid lawyer.  Amelia has never had a relationship with her dad.  She goes to a posh private school where she excels academically.  Then she gets asked to join a weird secret club.

This has a sort of Lord of the Flies meets Gossip Girl feel to it.  We do not have sororities in the UK, and I am glad of it because a) they sound dreadful and b) I never would have been asked to join one anyway.  So, this club sounds a bit like what I think a sorority is: a bunch of bitchy posh girls proving how important and popular they are by bullying everyone else.  I watched a few episodes of Gossip Girl when I lived on UES Manhattan but everyone in it was so awful that I soon stopped.  That show features a gossip blog about all the tedious crap that teenagers think is fascinating that goes on in schools, and so does this book.  Also, this book is about posh teenaged girls, as that show is.  It is also about some horrible bullying and the school being too scared of losing it’s reputation to actually sort it out.

It was a great read and I finished it in just a few days because I really wanted to find out whodunnit.  I was disappointed with the ending, though.  It was just a bit on the anti-climactic side.

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