Delusions of Gender by Cordelia Fine discussion questions

delusions of gender

We will be discussing Cordelia Fine’s Delusions of Gender this week for the Las Vegas Non-Fiction Book Group.  Here are the questions I will use to keep discussion going:

Why do you think there have be so many studies devoted to proving that there is a difference in male and female brains?

Do you believe that measurements of the magnetic quality of hemoglobin, as a proxy for blood oxygen being consumed in particular regions of the brain is a good indicator of behaviour?

Do you believe any of these neurological genders studies have been unbiased?

What do you think of the studies that suggest employers pick the gender that is stereotypically suited to a job even when both applicants are equally qualified?

Do you consider Fine’s book to be unbiased?

Can the current situation of sex inequality be credibly blamed on ‘hardwired’ differences between the sexes?

Women – do you do the housework just to get that oxytocin boost?  (pg 81)

How do you think those historical arguments about why women should not vote sound now?  Do you think in a generation or two these neurological studies might sound the same way?

What did you think about Fine’s hypothetical world in which right-handedness and left-handedness are as important as maleness and femaleness are in our world?

Have the parents here attempted to raise their children in a non gender biased way?  How did that go?  Is it even vaguely possible to do so?

Was your own upbringing particularly gender-biased?

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus why do so many of us choose to live with a member of the opposite sex?

Did this book change any of your views on the differences between men and women?


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