Green Illusions by Ozzie Zehner Discussion Questions

green illusions zehner

We will be discussing Green Illusions by Ozzie Zehner at the next Las Vegas Non-Fiction Book Group meeting.  Here are the questions I will use to keep the discussion going:

Did this book change your perception of green energy supply options?

Why is it important to evaluate these green energy solutions in an open and honest way?

Have you ever considered having a solar panel or wind turbine on your house (or something similar)?

Why would oil companies and fossil fuels energy generators be keen to support green energy?

Who is responsible for energy supply and demand?

Are Zehner’s suggestions for the future of environmentalism practical and helpful?

Zehner suggests that the Dutch may be happier than the Americans because of their frugal energy use, do you believe this might be true (pg302)?

Do you think a heavier tax on energy would be helpful in the US, or should the country (or the rest of the world) join the European Co2 traded market?  (co2 tax encourages nuke)

What do you think of the table on page 332?

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