The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes

shining girls

I do not usually read thrillers with horrible murders in them but I made an exception for this one because there has been so fuss about it. No doubt it will soon be made into a TV series. This is the story of a serial killer in Chicago, and the woman he failed to kill. It is a typical thriller in so many ways. The murderer is creepy and horrible and the murders are all gruesome. It is all very scary and unpleasant. So, if you like that sort of thing then this book is for you. I do not like that sort of thing.

I will admit that this thriller does have a twist on all the others – the murderer lives in a time-travelling house. Yep. And, that is how he has managed to evade capture over the many years of his killings. One woman survives his brutal attacks, and makes it her life’s work to find him and make sure he is punished. So, other than the time-travelling, it is standard stuff.

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