Be The Pack Leader by Cesar Millan

be the pack leader

I watched one episode of this man’s TV show and realised that I do not take in information through the TV very well, so I needed to read one of his books. Cesar has written several books on his experiences with dogs and I am currently having some dominance issues with my youngest dog, so I chose this one.

This is not a book about how to train your dog. If you want a book with instructions on teaching commands and such like then this is not it. This book goes some way to explaining how a dog’s mind works and makes suggestions on how best for us humans to interact with them. It is fascinating and very useful, but not in the way that you would see immediate effects. This explanation of the reason’s behind a dog’s actions and reactions ought to get any dog owner thinking.

I want to be able to communicate with my dogs as best as I possibly can. They have already made a huge effort to understand me; they know several English words and will follow commands. So, it seems only polite for me to try to understand them a little better. It is not a “how to train your dog” book, probably because that would be as impossible to write as a “how to raise your kids” book. Every dog is different, and one dog could have seemingly similar behaviours to another dog, but for quite different reasons.

A lot of Cesar’s interactions with dogs are intuitive. He has spent many years dealing with them. So, this limits the advice he can give through the medium of a book. He bases a lot of his suggestions around having calm-assertive energy. I appreciate what he is saying. But. One will be calm and assertive when one feels that one knows what he is doing with a pet, if one has no clue why their pet is behaving a certain way it is hard to be calm and assertive. After ten years working in financial trading it would be equally as useful for me to tell him to make a take a large speculative position by using his gut. That only works when you have practiced it for a while. I do take his point and I am doing my best, though. I am working on being calmer around the dogs and sending the positive energy. I do believe in that. On the whole, the book has provided me with some useful food for thought.

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