Wool by Hugh Howey


The story revolves around characters living in a “silo” of a hundred and forty-four floors (if I remember rightly), all underground. They have to be underground because the air in the Earth has been made toxic and no-one can go outside without dying within a few minutes.

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One Response to Wool by Hugh Howey

  1. Good review, although (as you know) I did enjoy it the book. I thought it was deep enough for non-engineers to get into without getting bogged down with complex engineering concepts and jargon (unlike, say, Peter Hamilton), while also being allegorical enough to apply to current events.

    The prequel does answer some of the questions, and I am thus far enjoying it even more than I did WOOL, though, for you, it might just open more questions. For me, it is effectively written for the casual reader, almost like Dan Brown does Sci-Fi.

    It looks like your blog has a ton of reviews, so I’m interested in poking around a bit more.

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