Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins – book review

I read and loved book one in this trilogy.  I loved the movie too.  Can Katniss Everdeen do no wrong?  The long awaited book two of the trilogy arrived at the library and I read it within a few days, as I had the first.  Another brilliantly written easy but fun read.  I tried to read this one a bit more slowly though, because I knew once it was done there was only one more to go.

Our hero has come home to District 12 to share her winnings with her family and live next door to the boy who she’s done a lot of bonding with, but she still can’t quite work out what her feelings are towards him, and now there’s Gale to worry about too.  I like Peeta even more in this book than the last, and although I don’t always know quite what’s going on in his head Collins skillfully shows his good character through his words and deeds.

There’s unrest in all the districts of Panem, and Katniss’s actions at the end of the Hunger Games have exacerbated things.  Katniss isn’t sure how she feels about this.  She’s all for rebellion, but she’s not sure at the beginning if she wants to personally be a part of it, and put her family at risk after all the effort she has put in to protect them.

The sinister evil behind the Capitol is palpable, and the monstrous President Snow pops round to Katniss’s home to be menacing and all-round unpleasantly threatening.  There’s some nonsense about a wedding, presumably to bring in Katniss’s only friend she had made since she met Gale, Cinna the stylist who makes his own very public political stand in this book.

Quite a way into the book begins the 75th Hunger Games, so I was left wondering whether book two would end part way through the book.  It’s another extremely well-imagined horrific arena filled with terrible muttations and ways to torture the people in there.  This time Katniss gets to know the tributes better than last time, so there’s some interesting tension around who to trust, and wondering what the other tributes plans are, as well as some consideration about how and when and whether Katniss can kill these people that she has go tot know quite well, and quite when they might be planning to kill her.

I mention in my Hunger Games review Collins’ brilliant cliff-hangers placed just the right distance apart. Well, she brings out the big guns at the end of this book. I can’t want for book three. But then I sort of want to put off reading it, because then there will be no more.

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2 Responses to Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins

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  2. Charl says:

    I bloody loved this trilogy. It got me all excited about reading again.

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